Sunday, 9 September 2012

Let Us Begin By Saying...

With the heat (hopefully) fading fast and rails of faux fur and leather flooding the shop floors two London girls prepare for London Fashion Week. And launch the project which has been talked, sometimes slurred, about over various cocktails for a year. So...Welcome to ZHEM?! What you're about to witness is a journey (!) an adventure as lived and loved by two fashion enthusiasts. Beyond this lies the "real world" which we're also aware of so ZHEM extends to books, feminism and having a damn good time... Did someone say 'Happy Hour'?


Moodboards will be a recurring feature on our blog; it's a mixture of the things we're feeling this particular month. September is something both of us (Z+M) have been looking forward to as it marks the official beginning of autumn and muted colours...and knitwear...and bearded men...and you get the picture(s).

Pssst...The next week or so will comprise of us trying to navigate the tricky world of cobbles and heels. Wish us luck. Z+M

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